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We search out unique and quirky kitchenware to complement your cooking and entertaining style. We feature a wide range of kitschy kitchenware, from small appliances to cooking utensils and decor.

Kitschy Kitchen

At, we understand that your kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food; it’s also a reflection of your personal style and tastes. That’s why we curate a selection of unique and eye-catching kitchen accessories that are sure to add a fun and playful touch to any culinary space.

Whether you’re a collector of vintage kitchen gadgets, a lover of all things retro, or simply enjoy adding a bit of personality to your home, has something for everyone. we locate everything from colorful mixing bowls and whimsical aprons to nostalgic blenders and funky toasters.

Hyland Retro Wall Clock

Hyland Retro Wall Clock

Hyland Vintage Wall Clock Perfect look for any room. Vintage retro design that is well suited for your kitschy Kitchen …
DmofwHi Kettle

DmofwHi Gooseneck Electric Kettle

With a precisely engineered gooseneck spout, the DmofwHi gooseneck electric kettle offers a waterfall flow of water with complete control …
Classic Milkshake Maker

Brentwood Classic Milkshake Maker

Use this powerful Classic Milkshake Maker to mix deliciously thick milkshakes, malts, smoothies, protein drinks, cocktails and more. Utilize the …
Breakfast Station

Nostalgia Retro Breakfast Station

With this versatile kitsch retro breakfast station, you can prepare your coffee, toast, bacon, and eggs all at once. Features …
Retro Pink Toaster Kitsch Kitchen

Retro Pink Toaster

Retro 2 slice pink toaster with a stylish LED touch screen. The toast will appear precisely at the moment indicated …
Retro Canister Set

Retro Canister Set

This retro turquoise ceramic kitchen canister set, is bold and stunningly gorgeous in any kitschy kitchen. Each ceramic container comes …
Kitschy Popcorn machine

Nostalgia Hot-Air Popcorn Maker

This air popper popcorn maker produces up to 12-cups of air-popped popcorn in one batch, making it ideal for events …