Vintage Kitsch Retro Green

Retro green is a timeless and refreshing color that harks back to the mid-20th century, particularly the 1950s and 1960s, and has found a renewed popularity in contemporary kitchens with a kitsch aesthetic. This color choice, reminiscent of the iconic “mint” or “seafoam” green, brings a sense of nostalgia and a touch of vintage charm to kitchen décor. Whether featured in appliances like refrigerators or stand mixers, or incorporated into cabinetry or décor elements, retro green creates a calm and inviting atmosphere. It pairs well with other retro colors such as pastel pinks, blues, or oranges, allowing for diverse and playful design possibilities. Retro green is not only a nod to the design trends of the past but also a versatile and soothing choice that can evoke a sense of nature and freshness in the kitchen. In a kitschy setting, retro green becomes a stylish and timeless expression of individuality, adding character and a hint of nostalgia to the culinary space.

Retro Kitsch Green


Mueller Retro Toaster

Mueller Retro 2 Slice Toaster

The Mueller 2 Slice Retro Toaster boasts a stylish design in a captivating Turquoise hue, seamlessly integrating into any kitchen with its vintage …
Hyland Retro Wall Clock

Hyland Retro Wall Clock

Hyland Vintage Wall Clock Perfect look for any room. Vintage retro design that is well suited for your kitschy Kitchen or any room …
DmofwHi Kettle

DmofwHi Gooseneck Electric Kettle

With a precisely engineered gooseneck spout, the DmofwHi gooseneck electric kettle offers a waterfall flow of water with complete control at all pouring …
Brentwood Classic Milkshake Maker

Brentwood Classic Milkshake Maker

Use this powerful Classic Milkshake Maker to mix deliciously thick milkshakes, malts, smoothies, protein drinks, cocktails and more. Utilize the low or high …
Breakfast Station

Nostalgia Retro Breakfast Station

With this versatile kitsch retro breakfast station, you can prepare your coffee, toast, bacon, and eggs all at once. Features a non Stick …
Retro Canister Set

Retro Canister Set

This retro turquoise ceramic kitchen canister set, is bold and stunningly gorgeous in any kitschy kitchen. Each ceramic container comes with a metal …

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