Laekerrt Vintage Blue Espresso Machine

Laekerrt professional expresso machine for cappuccinos and lattes, the CMEP02 is a 20-bar vintage blue espresso machine with a milk froth steam wand.

Vintage Blue Espresso Machine

With the 20 bar pressure pump, handcrafted in Italy, you can consistently make the ideal espresso. Because of the excellent stability of this sophisticated coffee maker, savor a flavor that is smooth and well-balanced with even extraction.

Fast Heating System

A shot of espresso can be made in 30 seconds with the Laekerrt espresso maker, which heats up rapidly. When you’re in a rush in the morning and need your caffeine fix, it’s the ideal option.

Easy to Use

This pump-driven espresso maker is ideal for beginners because of its efficient and user-friendly design. The adjustable frother makes it simple to personalize your coffee to your preferences, and the pressure and temperature settings are calibrated to deliver consistent results every time.


With its state-of-the-art construction and long lifespan in mind, the Laekerrt espresso machine is built to last. With the PID temperature control chip, you can up your coffee game because it keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature for optimal flavor.

Laekerrt Vintage Blue Espresso Machine

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